Why list with The JG Group...

One of the smartest things I’ve heard someone say to a seller my entire career was “Do you want to be a seller, or do you want to sell your home?” Oh boy does that resonate with anyone who has had their home on the market for any substantial period of time. Selling your home while you’re living there can be an extremely stressful process. It’s your home, your sanctuary, your peaceful abode and now you must declutter, de-personalize, un-decorate and maintain an immaculate environment ready to show at a moment’s notice so not to miss the next showing and could be future homeowner for your house. Yes, I know that was a run-on sentence (try to read the whole thing without taking a deep breathe.) Unfortunately, this is what it can feel like to have your home on the market. So, let’s revisit the above question. Do you want to be a seller, or do you want to sell your home?

I have a very different approach to pricing that makes selling your home a much quicker and easier process that typically yields a higher sale price. It’s not revolutionary or a new way of doing things, it’s really a very simple approach that appraisers use every day. Here’s the bottom line, most homes that sell in todays market will be purchased with financing. The mortgage company will not finance the home unless it appraises out. My approach is to essentially do an appraisal style analysis so we know that we won’t have any issues justifying the value and we can prove to potential buyers that the home is properly valued. Often with this smart approach to pricing, we are able to generate significant interest right away and, in many cases, produce multiple offers maximizing the sale price of the home.

Now let’s discuss marketing. I’m not going to give away trade secrets on my website, but let’s just say it’s not rocket science. There’s so much data available today with the internet and it’s very easy to detect what attracts consumers to certain products, features and styles. Using this data to our advantage we can use predictive analytics and digital retargeting to attract the perfect buyer directly to your home. We also know that the old ways of selling a home do still work, but only when combined with the new technology driven strategies. Many agents understand how they used to sell a home, but no idea how to utilize the new wave of marketing. On the flip side, many newer agents understand the technology side of things, but either don’t have the funds to spend or belief in the effectiveness of the age-old strategies. My approach combines the two along side hard work and smart networking to generate fast and effective results. I also pull from my creative background in art and advertising to come up with new and different ways to get the message across.

If any of this sounds good to you, or even if it sounds like total BS, I’d encourage you to reach out so you can see first hand how my approach has helped hundreds of sellers get their homes sold.

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