Justin Greenberg

In today’s real estate climate there are so many options when you’re looking to buy a home. I hear from past and current clients all the time saying they saw this home on Zillow or that home on Redfin. Then they call me and say, well what are your thoughts Justin? Right there is the difference, I try to build trust and a long-lasting relationship with my clients from the beginning before we ever walk into a home. My clients know that they will get great advice, honest feedback, and thought-provoking insight that provides depth to the decision-making process.

Being in the industry for the past 12 years, I’ve seen so many agents pressure their buyers to make a decision. I’ve seen them walk into a home and tell them all the reasons why the home is the right one for them, or on the flip side, all the reasons why that home won’t be a good option and all the things that they would need to change. I have seen time and time again buyers walk into a home and fall in love with big bright sparkly eyes and then their agent starts to tell them all the things that need to be changed and all the buyer sees is $$$ and ultimately moves on from that home. On the other extreme, I’ve seen buyers walk in to a home that they know isn’t right and the agent starts telling them all that they could do to make it right. Let me be frank for a minute. . . THIS IS YOUR DECISION, YOUR FUTURE HOME. . .it’s not up to your agent. Unless your agent is going to be the one writing your mortgage checks every month and living with you putting food on your table, this is not their decision. My role is to be there to help guide you, answer your questions, provide you insight and help give you the information that you need to make an educated decision about what will be best for you and your future housing needs.

The key to all of this is that it’s about YOU. I learned early on in my career that the best approach is to always make sure that my clients feel supported and educated. I spend time upfront with all my clients making sure to adequately answer questions, explain the process and try to get a deep understanding of their situation, wants and needs. My clients know upfront how I work, and what they can expect from me throughout the buying process. They also know that my support, resources and availability go far beyond the sale. I do my best to keep in touch with my clients multiple times a year to be a resource when it comes to remodeling or updating their home, talking about current market trends and pricing as well as providing sound advice about getting ready to sell when the time comes. I have grown my business almost 100% through referrals from my past clients and they’re happy to give my name to their friends because they know they’ll have a positive experience.

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